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Pretty cool game, seeing heads fly all over the place is always entertaining :D

For an early version this looks quite promising, the visuals and characters model are nice and the general feeling of the gameplay is great, the bow felt awesome (and I must say, decapiting someone with an arrow, even though absurd, is awesome)

In futur updates I'd like to see a bit more dynamic combats (maybe give a penalty for blocking, and make ais try to go around, maybe dodges,etc...)

I think the strong point of this game is that it focuses on arena battles, and I think there's really something great there, if you can capture that kind of atmosphere, like the crowd cheering, boohing , the music and all. The crowd reacting to what the player does could be a big plus like "Come on, finish him!"

Can't wait to see how it'll evolve!

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Thank you for the feedback!

I have been putting alot of work into the crowd mechanics to make the arena feel more alive, having a dynamic crowd is a brilliant idea that would be amazing for immersion and general game feel.

I have gotten criticisms about making the combat more dynamic and I will be working hard on that as well. I am still polishing it but I think with just some slight variations in behavior it can truly shine.

Really appreciate the feedback you have some brilliant ideas that will help drive the game forward!


Could you show off more gameplay? I'm really curious


Hey Lucky! 

I have some gameplay videos in the pipeline that should be out within the next couple of days.


I realize that it has been more than a couple of days... but I have finally made a gameplay video showcasing the new Tournament mode. Expect more videos and a teaser coming soon!


Thanks! Looks good.